It Started On Hampstead Heath…an artist’s journey into the science of global climate change

In 2016, after a long career as a medical and scientific illustrator, I returned to my first love, painting and drawing, looking to capture the effects of the rising global temperature on the landscape and ecology of these places. It led me to investigate the science behind these changes and the resulting book is a mixture of art and science that I hope will provide insights into the most concerning global topic of the 21st century – climate change.

It Started On Hampstead Heath…An Artist’s Journey Into The Sceince Of Global Climate Change is my first book and focuses on the links between three places close to my heart: London, England; Jasper, Alberta; and Mandeville, Louisiana. Using these three examples of ‘My Places’, the book explains the science of climate change through the eyes of an artist and illustrates what is happening to our endangered environment.


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